At The Break


Branded entertainment carries a message of social change. Technology has transformed how we consume content while enabling a more diverse set of creators to share their voice and their stories. “Profit With A Purpose” is on the rise, as younger generations demand brands to be better…all while our world seems to be in a constant state of chaos and surreal headlines.

Numerous conferences -- from SXSW, and CES, to Collision and Digital Hollywood -- hit on these trending and important topics, but when the panels are over, the most interesting conversations can take place At The Break, where speakers continue to exchange insights and experiences and people connect to collaborate on making change for the better.

Join hosts Kim Owens and Melissa Bolin as they invite thought leaders, creators, and industry influencers in entertainment, technology, business, non-profit, social justice and advocacy to share their voices, featuring female-identifying, LGBTQA+, people of color, and people with disabilities. We discuss the who, why and how in this world are changing it for the better; and how technology, biz, & entertainment play a part, while addressing our collective roles in continuing progress.



This gal right here is a creative & content leader with experience leading teams and new business in marketing, media & fashion for the last 15 years. Full of moxy, she works to create concepts appealing to actual humans and bring them to life with integrity.

Melissa spent her formative years in Kobe, Japan, where she studied tea ceremony and immersed herself in their culture. She was a renowned milliner who fashioned hats for pop stars, fashion icons and royals. She plays drums, DJs 45s and can turn leftovers into culinary gems. When she’s not up in the Bay Area, she’s down at Bronco’s Casita in Joshua Tree.



As the founder of Kaffeine Buzz, Kim dives deep into the research trenches and interview the folks who are driving change and innovation. She produces in-depth reports and analysis, covering AR/VR and immersive spatial experiences, the growing potential of branded content, event technology, and live streaming sponsorships in the age of ad blockers and cord cutters. She’s presented her findings at SXSW, Digital Hollywood, NAB, General Assembly, Canadian Music Week, and XLIVE.

“Kim has been a diligent and respected journalist in the music, media and technology universe and in the process has become an important thought leader in the convergence space,” John Petrocelli, Bulldog DM.

As the Client Services Manager for FestiFi, the premier provider of internet and WiFi services to entertainment, sports, and corporate clients, her combination of event technology, IT sales, and live events experience and expertise come into play on a daily basis. Her skills in content marketing strategy also contribute to the company's growth and expansion.